RESO Dictionary Versions

Spark API supports multiple RESO Data Dictionary versions. While an early draft (0.8) is the default, all currently supported versions are advertised in the System Info service.

A specific dictionary versions is specified by the RESO-Dictionary-Version: MAJOR.MINOR request header. If no header is supplied, the version will be used. The example below requests that the standard fields be retrieved for the 1.3 data dictionary:

$ curl "" -H "X-SparkApi-User-Agent: SparkAPIExamples" -H "Authorization: OAuth MY_OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN" -H "RESO-Dictionary-Version: 1.3"

Note that, when overriding the default RESO dictionary, additional fields may still be returned by the service that are not present in the specified dictionary along with the core fields for that version.

As multiple data dictionary support is a work in progress, not all services full support this feature. The documentation for resources that support multiple data dictionaries will display the following header:

Multiple RESO Dictionary Support
This service supports multiple RESO Data Dictionary versions.