Request Parameters

Data retrieval services typically include standard parameters for searching, sorting, and pagination.
  1. Attribute Selection
  2. Pagination
  3. Sorting
  4. Searching

Attribute Selection

The $select parameter allows you to specify the top-level data components you need. For larger data sets, such as listings, using this parameter will greatly reduce data retrieval time.

Parameter Description
$select A comma separated list specifying the attributes to be returned in the response payload.


Pagination allows data to be retrieved in sets of a specified size and provides additional data about the result set.

Parameter Description
$top Integer > 0 and <= 25 indicating how many results to return at once. The default is 10.
$skip Indicates the number of records to skip over when retrieving the current results set.


Sorting is typically available on resources that allow searching.

Parameter Description
$orderby Indicates the order in which to return records in the result set. Each service has its own default order.

Any searchable field can be present in the _orderby parameter, with some exceptions (e.g. longer text fields such as PublicRemarks for listings).


Request parameters below are common to data retrieval services supporting searching.

Parameter Description