Example: Searching Locations with Polygons

The listing search available in Spark API provides shape based search criteria for geographic locations.

  1. Authentication
  2. Define a polygon
  3. Searching for listings inside the polygon

Step 1: Authentication

This example expects that you have already obtained an OAuth 2 authorization token to access a user's data. Read more on our OpendID Connect Authentication and OAuth 2 Authorization.

Step 2: Define a polygon

For an example, we will use a polygon from popular culture which would find some listings of repute (if they exist).

  Bermuda Triangle Coordinates:
    25.774252°N, 80.190262°W
    18.466465°N, 66.118292°W
    32.321384°N, 64.75737°W

Step 3: Searching for listings inside the polygon

Since the shape is a triangle, we'll use the polygon search function for the Location field with this filter: Location Eq polygon('25.774252 -80.190262,18.466465 -66.118292,32.321384 -64.75737')

$ curl "https://sparkapi.com/v1/v1/listings?_filter=Location+Eq+polygon%28%2725.774252+-80.190262%2C18.466465+-66.118292%2C32.321384+-64.75737%27%29&_select=Latitude%2CLongitude" -H "X-SparkApi-User-Agent: SparkAPIExamples" -H "Authorization: OAuth MY_OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN" {"X-Frame-Options"=>"SAMEORIGIN", "X-XSS-Protection"=>"1; mode=block", "X-Content-Type-Options"=>"nosniff"} 
    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": [
            "Id": "20100000000000000000000000",
            "ResourceUri": "/v1/listings/20100000000000000000000000",
            "StandardFields": {