Property Types

Not all listing data is suitable for display.
When using the Listings Service, you must consult the corresponding meta data services (e.g. Property Types and Standard Fields) for the PropertyType standard field and any other field where the HasList is true in the meta data.

See an example here.
The Property Types service returns a list of possible listing property types for the current user’s MLS.
  1. Supported Roles
  2. Available Services
    1. All Property Types
  3. Response Description
  4. Expansions
  5. API Explorer

Supported Roles

Role Reads Writes Notes
IDX Yes No
Public Yes No
VOW Yes No
Portal Yes No
Private Yes No
More information about roles may be found here.

Available Services

All Property Types

/<API Version>/propertytypes
/<API Version>/mls/<MlsId>/propertytypes

HTTP Method Description Notes
GET Returns a list of all property types for the specified MLS
POST,PUT,DELETE Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) Not implemented

GET Request

Parameter Description Required
_mls A comma-separated list of MLS IDs the property types should be common across No

GET Response

    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": [
                "MlsName": "Residential",
                "MlsCode": "A",
                "PropertyClass": "Residential",
                "RentalCalendar": false,
                "BrokerTours": true
                "MlsName": "Multi Family",
                "MlsCode": "B",
                "PropertyClass": "Residential",
                "RentalCalendar": false,
                "BrokerTours": false
                "MlsName": "Land",
                "MlsCode": "C",
                "PropertyClass": "Land",
                "RentalCalendar": false,
                "BrokerTours": false
                "MlsName": "Commercial",
                "MlsCode": "D",
                "PropertyClass": "Commercial",
                "RentalCalendar": false,
                "BrokerTours": false
                "MlsName": "Farm",
                "MlsCode": "E",
                "PropertyClass": "Farm",
                "RentalCalendar": false,
                "BrokerTours": false
                "MlsName": "Rental",
                "MlsCode": "F",
                "PropertyClass": "Rental",
                "RentalCalendar": true,
                "BrokerTours": false

Response Description

Attribute Description
MlsName The property type label as chosen by the MLS.
MlsCode The code representing the property type, used for searching.
PropertyClass The PropertyClass Standard Field item the property type is classified as. Particularly useful in cross-MLS searches where the MlsName and MlsCode may not match.
BrokerTours true if the Broker Tours listings subservice is available for this property type.
RentalCalendar true if the Rental Calendar listings subservice is available for this property type.



API Explorer

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