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News Feeds: Metadata

The News Feeds Metadata service provides descriptive information of the news feed services, such as the possible values for news feed event types.

  1. Supported Roles
  2. Available Services
    1. News Feed Metadata
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Supported Roles

Role Reads Writes Notes
IDX Yes No
Public Yes No
VOW Yes No
Portal Yes No
Private Yes No
More information about roles may be found here.

Available Services

News Feed Metadata

/<API Version>/newsfeeds/meta

HTTP Method Description Conditional Notes
GET Retrieves the metadata for the news feed resources. No
POST Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) No Not implemented
PUT Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) No Not implemented
DELETE Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) No Not implemented

GET Request

  • None

GET Response

    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": {
          "Events": ["New", "OpenHouse", "Pending", "PriceChange", "Sold", "BackOnMarket", "Extension", "StatusChange", "Recommended"],
          "SavedSearchEvents": ["New", "OpenHouse", "Pending", "PriceChange", "Sold", "BackOnMarket", "Extension", "StatusChange"]

News Feeds: Metadata Description

Attribute Data Type Description
Events Character List The list of News Feed Events currently supported by Spark API. The special value of All, since used conditionally for only the devices service, is not a true event and thus is not represented here.
SavedSearchEvents Character List Like Events, but only those events that can be subcribed by saved search feeds.
Subscriptions.SavedSearches.CoreStandardFields JSON Object The core list of standard fields from which a minimum number must be in a search for it to be used with newsfeeds.
Subscriptions.SavedSearches.CoreSearchFields Character List A core list of other search fields not included in the standard fields metadata that also qualify for the minimum threshold.
Subscriptions.SavedSearches.MinimumCoreFields Integer The distinct minimum number of core fields that must be in a saved search before it can be used for a newsfeed. A newsfeed will not be created unless this minimum threshold is met.



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