The _select parameter allows you to specify the top-level data components you need. For larger data sets, such as listings, using this parameter will greatly reduce data retrieval time.

Parameter Description
_select A list of attributes specifying the the attributes to be returned from the API.

While _select applies to top-level attributes for most services, a notable exception is the Listings API. For listings, _select applies only to StandardFields attributes. Also, many expansions support selecting expansion attributes. Consult the expansion table for resources to find expansions that support this feature.

For example, passing the _select=ListingId parameter to /<API Version>/listings will cause only the StandardFields.ListingId attribute to appear:

    "D": {
        "Success": true,
        "Results": [
                "ResourceUri": "/vX/listings/20060412165917817933000000",
                "Id": "20060412165917817933000000",
                "StandardFields": {
                    "ListingId": "10-1796"

Multiple Selections

Multiple selections can be specified with a comma separated list:


Selecting on Expansion Attributes

For expansions that support the feature, selections on expansion attributes can be made by namespacing the expansion and the attribute with a period:


Expansion attributes may also be limited in number (currently only supported for photos). For example, if only the first 5 photos were desired, that may be specified by passing a modifier to the expansion:


This also works with the attribute namespaces as shown above: