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One Platform

Spark Platform connects software developers with Multiple Listing Services to provide innovative tools for brokers, agents and their customers.

Spark ignites innovation in real estate software by providing a single API, store and app bar for 120 MLSs representing over 166,000 real estate agents and their customers. Join Spark today to ignite innovation.

How it Works

App Bar

Creating RE Software

Spark API provides role-based secure access to the MLS data. Follow the API and you'll be following the MLS rules.

  • Aggregated & Standardized Data
  • Role Based
  • RESTful
  • Clear & Consistent Data Licensing


Selling RE Software

The Spark Store is available to 120 MLSs and over 166,000 agents, which is one of the largest single markets for real estate software.

  • Easy Purchasing
  • App Ratings & Comments
  • Revenue Model for MLSs, Developers and Brokers
  • No start-up fees required

App Bar

Delivering RE Software

Software bought in the Store installs immediately to the Spark Bar for easy access and use.

  • Install in Any Web Site
  • SSO for All Purchased Apps
  • Notification Services



  • Faster Development
  • Lower Cost
  • Bigger Market
  • Better Software


  • Innovative Tools at Low Cost
  • Role-Based Data Access
  • Clear and Consistent Data Licensing
  • Increased Adoption
  • Revenue Model
  • RESO Standardization

Brokers & Agents

  • More and Better Software at a Lower Cost
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Integration Across MLSs
  • Faster Development for Back-Office and Other Software
  • Clear and Consistent Licensing of Data

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