Standard Fields: Nearby

The Nearby sub-resource returns FieldList items near given location for standard fields specified in the _expand parameter.
  1. Supported Roles
  2. Available Services
    1. Nearby Standard Fields
  3. Response Description
  4. Expansions
  5. API Explorer

Supported Roles

Role Reads Writes Notes
IDX Yes No
Public Yes No
VOW Yes No
Portal Yes No
Private Yes No
More information about roles may be found here.

Available Services

Nearby Standard Fields

/<API Version>/standardfields/nearby/<PropertyType.MlsCode>

HTTP Method Description Notes
GET Returns standard field metadata
POST,PUT,DELETE Returns HTTP 405 (Method Not Allowed) Not implemented
See the Property Types service for more information on PropertyType.MlsCode.

GET Request

Parameter Required
Standard proximity parameters (_unit and _distance are ignored) Yes
Standard expansion parameters Yes

Response Description

See the Standard Fields response.


Expansion Roles Single Record Only? Description
Standard Field Name All No Returns the list of items for the provided standard field.

API Explorer

The API Explorer does not currently support this service.